Best Price iPad for Your Money

best price ipadWith the changing technology today it’s important to not only stay current, but not break the bank to do it either. Technology becomes obsolete quickly, but buying slightly older models isn’t a bad way to go either. So where do you find the best price iPad?

Stores like Walmart and Best Buy have recently dropped the price of the iPad and iPad mini, making them more affordable. Walmart lowered the price of the mini from $329 down to $299. That’s a decent savings considering it had been released the previous September.

That doesn’t mean that the full size is still expensive though. Best Buy recently lowered the price of the iPad 16G from $449 to $314, an incredible savings, giving it some of the best price iPads!

This is the time to buy those older tablets! With the recent lowering of prices it’s theorized another new tablet is coming, meaning further cuts will be made to get rid of existing stock.

Best Buy is also running a deal where you can get a tablet or iPad with a one year membership for $99.99, so for a price you can afford in one paycheck, you can get the tablet you’ve always wanted!

But if technology becomes obsolete so fast, are the discounts really worth it? Yes, it is, because while technology gets outdated in most cases, such as with the iPad, it will still perform just as well next to the newer models, the difference really is in the memory storage and data plans. By and large, most functions are available on all of the models you would use.

It is highly advisable that should you buy an iPad that you always do so from a reputable store. If you decide to buy one from a private owner off a site like Craigslist, it is advisable that you do so in a public place. iPads have caused a lot of deceit and dangerous situations, So please be careful when shopping for the best price iPad.
When shopping used, you should look for any damage. Cracks to the frame of the screen, scratches, dents, anything that could affect the performance of the iPad. The charger should be intact, no fraying wires, and fully functional. If need be you ought to test the charger before you purchase and take home the tablet. You must be sure that the charger works.

It is also advisable that when purchasing a new tablet from a store that you let the store set it up for you as it can be complicated and confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Where to look for best price iPad?

AppleInsider keeps an up to date reselling price guide to help you know whether or not someone is over charging, and 9to5Mac will let you know planned release schedules, allowing you to estimate when price drops will occur. If you’re interested in getting the best deal, it may be worth your while to look into so that you can get the best technology available to you.

What’s really great about Apple, is that you can call them with any questions, even before you buy, so no matter your level of technological knowledge, you’ll have a feeling of security when you decide to buy.

Buying older technology is an affordable way to keep up with the world of today, and there’s no end to the possibilities down the road. Some of the best times to buy is Black Friday sales, there are often wonderful deals then in addition to low pricing.

There’s no reason you can’t find the iPad you want for a price you can afford. Check the stores, check online, Amazon and Ebay are constantly running great deals. Craigslist is riskier but if you use the sense to be careful you can find great deals there too.

So give it a shot! You have an awful lot to gain and nothing to lose by trying to find the right product for you! Take a look, do the research, and always make sure that no matter if it’s new or used, that you are getting the technology of your dreams to stay as current as possible in the world around you.